ICE Out of CA Zine: Bringing our Vision of Safe Communities HOME (June 2023)

June 9, 2023 Guides & Reports

Bringing our Vision of Safe Communities HOME

The latest zine from ICE Out of California highlights the past and current advocacy efforts of the growing, multiracial coalition that is reimagining public safety and immigrant rights in California.

In 2021, ICE Out of CA published its first zine capturing highlights from the fight to end ICE transfers. Our 2023 issue builds on that archive with updates from across the coalition, from San Diego and Los Angeles to the Bay to Sacramento and beyond.

The ICE Out of CA coalition and community members across the state are organizing and advocating for a world that centers everyone's humanity and safety. We fight for the day our families can live without fear and harassment by ICE and the carceral system, no matter where we were born or the color of our skin.

Take action and let your State Senator know you support the HOME Act and an end to all prison-to-ICE transfers in California!