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Since 1972, we’ve been fighting with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities for civil rights and systemic change that builds a more just and caring world.

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For years, Valstock Management harassed elderly tenants in Chinatown with intimidation tactics and created a climate of fear. The tenants advocated for their rights and in 2022, they won settlement in a discrimination case to remain in their long-time, rent-controlled homes without harassment.

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Amid the heightened anti-immigrant discrimination and scapegoating following 9/11, Bay Area Filipino airport screeners were treated as security risks based solely on their lawful non-citizenship status. ALC, Filipino Advocates for Justice, and other community groups helped them organize and fight for their jobs back.

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With other local organizations, we sued the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services (the precursor to ICE) to stop illegal workplace raids in factories. As a result of the lawsuit, International Molders & Allied Workers Union Local 164 v. Nelson, the federal agency banned warrantless raids.

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In one of our earliest cases, Chann v. Scott, we defended Chinatown youth against the San Francisco Police Department’s racially discriminatory dragnets. The successful class action lawsuit solidified our role as the country’s first legal aid organization focused on serving low-income Asian Americans.

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